drabble: GI fluff

Title: one fine day
Author: me
Pairing: Gilligan/ Mary Ann
Rating: PG
Warning: fluff
Disclaimer: they’re not mine; no money ever gets sent to me; this is, in fact, a huge waste of my time
Summary: Gilligan and Mary Ann all alone in the jungle; and lookee!, what do they find?!
Wordcount: 100

Follow the fake cut to my journal and enjoy!

One fine day

Fav. Quote

I just wanted to start a heated discussion, if that is allowed...

Okay, so what's your favourite quote ever by:

Gilligan, the Professor, the Skipper, Mary Ann, Ginger, Mr Howell, Mrs Howell?

And while we're at it: Which is your favourite episode of the show?

And on a completely unrelated note: I'm toying with the idea of making a Gilligan's Island vid. Would anybody... care?
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"By George! And I have the money to *buy* George!"

Another little ficlet for my fellow stranded community members ^.~

Follow the fake cut to my journal and enjoy!

Titel: Money makes the Isle go ‘round
Author: Sallycandance
(Pairing: Gilligan/ Mary Ann hinted)
Warning: silly.
Rating: not rated
Wordcount: 2.422
Disclaimer: not mine. I don’t make money out of this—Mr Howell just turned in his grave.

Money makes the Isle go 'round
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