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The weather started getting rough--the tiny ship was tossed!


STOP! Did you vote for all of THESE CASTAWAYS first? Of course!


Name/Nickname: Annette; Netty, Netty Bo
Would you mind being stamped as the opposite sex? Nope, but I’d still prefer to be a girl
Age: 18

Yourself in 3 words: [Sweet and smiley] :D Haha.

Strengths: Creativity, patience, optimism, finding humor in all sorts of situations, looking out for everyone

Weaknesses: Shyness, procrastination

Loves: drawing, making desserts (I worked in a pastry shoppe—so fun!), sewing/designing clothes, playing the uke, singing, scrapbooking, improv

Pet Peeves: Huge egos, angry people, bullying, people who don’t do their share of work

Your friends label you as: the shy artsy bubbly oldies-loving hippie


Your initial reaction:  NOOO. What am I gonna do without my friends and fam?! Worst of all—they’ll think I’m dead!

Do you have any special skills that would be beneficial to the rest of the group?

Well, I’m pretty good at improvising meals, since I almost always don’t have enough of certain ingredients in my kitchen. I’m also really friendly, and I tend to act as a peacemaker, so if we ever had a crazy conflict, I could help work it out.

How you'd survive: It’d be tough, but I’ve done a lot of traveling before, and I’m very adaptable overall. If all of us got along and worked together, I’m sure we’d be fine.

What would your hut be like? Pretty basic, and it would have to be built by someone who really knows what they’re doing. I’d be glad to help out, and I’d probably touch it up with some flowers or something.

What would you do to get what you wanted? Bribe with some awesome food, no doubt about it!

If you had a special someone who WASN'T there with you, would you stay faithful?
After a few months, I think that they’d get the impression that I was dead, and would probably move on. I’d have to move on as well. It’s no good to pine.

Besides your family, friends and pets, what would you miss the most about civilization? Oh my gosh…probably meeting new people, the new books, music, and movies, indoor plumbing, and of course, the internet!


If the show were Survivor, which of the seven would you vote off the island first? The Howells—but I’d feel completely awful about it. Sorry!!

Ginger or Mary Ann? Your answer doesn't have to be sexual. Just who you'd rather hang out with. In fact, if your answer is sexual and you have some off-color details, KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!
Mary Ann—she’s really kind and genuine; the sort of person you’d want to be best friends with.

And while where at it
Gilligan or the Professor? Gilligan, all the way!! I kind of have a thing for rooting for the underdog, not to mention falling in love with him. He’s adorable!

What is your favorite pairing on the show? Does NOT have to be romantic
Gilligan and Mary Ann—so cute :D

Besides the obvious "because the show would be over," what is your theory about why they never get rescued from the island?
I think it kind of goes with the old adage, “Home is where the heart is.” It got to the point that all of them were at their happiest living on the island, and with the relationships they made that were socially across the board. Had they been rescued, each would go their own way, and they would have missed out on so much during their absence that they would no longer feel comfortable in everyday civilization. The island became more of a home that anywhere else. Plus, it’s beautiful!


All the sudden, it's your turn to be the leader. In 500 words or less, present your plan for getting ALL SEVEN castaways off the island. NO COMRADE SHALL BE LEFT BEHIND!!! Tell us what you'd use, what each character is going to do and how it goes horribly wrong.
We’d beg/plead with the professor to duplicate that glow-in-the-dark dye he made in “Physical Fatness,” and try that again. If that fails, we could just repeat an idea that previously failed. No harm in giving the old ideas a second chance!

Unfortunately, I think we’d find new ways of screwing them up. Oh well.


Please promote this community and tell us where:

I’ll post it somewhere on my deviantart page, as well as some of my other profiles and such.

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